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How To Get 20-30 High-Quality Website Leads Every Month Without Spending A Fortune On Paid Advertising


  1. The #1 strategy you can add to your website that will triple your website leads for $1 per day
  2. How to turn your website into a high converting marketing funnel
  3. The 7-step process that guarantees you will get leads from your website with no extra advertising spend

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Titus Codjoe has been helping businesses grow their online presence and sales for the last 10 years. He believes all online marketing strategies should lead to a measurable sale.

He became frustrated that his marketing funnels were generating so many high quality leads, but his client websites were white elephants.

He also became frustrated that so many small to medium businesses knew roughly what they needed to do, but never actually implemented any of these successful marketing strategies.

So he designed the lead and sales generation system that helps transform websites into engines that generate high quality leads every week for the businesses they serve.

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