the process


1. Discuss Your Requirements.

How many pages will you need? Will you provide photos, logos, and other graphics or will you need to work with our team to choose professional imagery? Will you require a store, other programming, Google rankings, etc.

2. Decide and Agree On the Budget.

Our consultants have been in the business for 25+ years and we can usually base a quote on the initial discovery conversation. Design, eCommerce, custom programming and more pages cost more. Web Development is cheaper. Building anything is a process and the more detailed your direction is or the more time it takes in multiple discussions with you, the more your website will cost to complete. Our consultants are great at crossing all the T’s and dotting the I’s.

3. Design Agreement & SOW Signed.

a. We require one-half payment as deposit.
b. We will complete a very informal design agreement and we require that is signed.
c. We will create a detailed Scope of Work document that should cover everything we’ve agreed to build. That document will need to be signed as well.

4. Content Gathering.

We cannot build a website without your content. Our client liaisons are great at working with you to assist in gatherin and deciding on content. We will need ALL of your content before the design work can begin.

5. Design and/or Development

Once our support liaisons have all of your content, they will ensure that what you have provided matches up with our agreed-to Scope of Work document. If not, then we will communicate any edits are needed, discuss potential budget changes and get to work creating your website.

6. Communication is Key.

If we are simply developing a website, then once we have placed all content within the design theme, we will present that for any input from you. We ask that you take the time to notate any and all edits needed for all pages and email those to us to that we can make one round of edits or changes.

If your budget or project falls within Design mode, then we will be communicating more often about page edits, design tweaks, etc. We still need to be as efficient as possible in providing timely input.

7. Go LIVE!

Once you have given the “thumbs-up” that your design is complete, we will work to apply the mobile optimization for mobile display. We will also create a tutorial video and also show you how to use your Content Management System to add, edit, and delete pages, photos, videos, products, and more. We will show you how to grow your website for improved rankings on Google, etc.

First thing to understand is that there is a difference in Web Design and Web Development. There is also an additional classification called Programming.

Web Design or Web Development? or Both?

A web designer is a graphic artist who develops and styles objects for the internet. Website designers are able to tap into their creative energy and design the overall layout and look for websites. A web developer is someone who takes those creative files and builds them into a web design platform such as WordPress, Dreamweaver, etc. Developers also implement applications and functionality such as eCommerce, etc. for the internet. The first step is to know whether you want or need something custom, or whether you will be providing the imagery, text and graphics, or if you’ll want to leave a large part of those decisions to the designer. If you are providing all of the imagery, text and graphics, then things will be much cheaper. That is web development. However, if you are looking for the designer to be creative, that that will take more time and cost more.

Hosting & Support.

If we are hosting your website, we will discuss our monthly hosting packages. Hosting is typically $15 monthly, unless we will be hosting a lot of email addresses.

Hosting fees do not cover Support. Of course, if you have a question or need to reset passwords, etc., we will not charge you.

However, if you attempt to add plugins or do something that crashes your website, you can certainly call us and we will get your website back and running smoothly, but time charges may apply.

Website Updates.

If you need us to handle adding content, new pages, new functionality or to help grow your website’s ranking on the search engines, our consultants are here to help.
Simple edits and additions are charged at $60 per hour (we only charge by the minute).
For large needs, we can discuss those in detail and provide a quote.